Posted by: Steph | April 22, 2008

4 minutes

List of things that came to mind during my walk to work:

1. Some people are still wearing winter coats all done up and it irritates me.

2. I recently read some interview with Madonna in which she talked about the writing process being personal and needing to feel comfortable to write with Justin Timberlake and others… and then I paid attention to the lyrics that needed such a close bond to produce… and I quote:

If you want it
Ya already got it
If you thought it
It better be what you want

Imagine if they had not had such a close bond how impersonal it would have been. That being said – it is kind of a fun song with a nice high intensity kick going.

2. Obsessed with the song “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine” – I love every version. Album, live, dance…

3. I would like to take a day off of my desk job to be a rockstar. I’m in the mood to own a stage and just go for broke.

4. I need a new scale but when I went to the magical huge Shoppers Drug Mart (one of my favourite places ever) they only had the same cheap model that I just threw out or the fancy pants ones for the truly obsessive. Scale quest has officially begun.

5. I missed Gossip Girl last night. Sucks to be me. I need a dose of Serena Vanderwhatever.

6. I decided to test out Green Tea Ginger Ale today and it doesn’t totally bite. This is interesting. But it also has sugar and if I were to replace Diet Coke with a sugar drink it would not be wise. And moderation isn’t really my strong suit.

7. Excited to be on the beach volleyball team with the Schulich gang. We can talk finance and accounting. I wonder if I remember anything from first and second term?

8. I just got a note from my Dogwalker and RIley is being a “super good boy”!

Nothing else.




  1. Your blog makes me smile. I know I said it before, but details, trivia and tangents really are awesome!

  2. Is it sad that I like GG? I am well beyond even the cushion of post-teenage-stress/depression that I enjoyed with the first season of The OC.

    I caught the ep and I’m excited cos the chick from Buffy (which I did enjoy as a teenager and will be a fangirl forever) will be on, Doing Bad Things.

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