Posted by: Steph | April 20, 2008

Spring: 2 – me: 0

1. My favourite spring/summer shirt somehow got in the laundry and it should have gone to the dry cleaner. It no longer fits right and it has lost it’s shine.

2. My new shoes felt comfortable but yet again when I walked longer than one block my ankle started sliping out of them and now my ankles are a little bit shredded.

Winter clothing does not betray me this way. I hope it is colder tomorrow. Or that I win the lottery and can equip myself for the season.



  1. hey there just back form the UK where i suitably equipped myself hurray for having a job … however i think i went a little overboard … tell me if you agree

    3 linen jackets
    7 handbags – Dad had a really nice new collection so i bought a couple with the view i could sell some on…
    3 pashminas
    3 pairs shoes

    wow i feel sick writing it all out – do you think i went over the top this time …Dave does …needing therapy now

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