Posted by: Steph | April 16, 2008

10 Things

  1. I’ve been craving ginger recently. And Ginger Ale, which barely has any ginger. I’ve looked online and I can’t seem to derive any meaning from this. I was wondering if it was a sign of some obscure disease.
  2. I enjoy the fact that when I walk down the hall with one particular co-worker, other people are a little bit worried about what we are up to.
  3. I wish that I had more opportunities to dance.
  4. After a year on Facebook I think I may have run out of statuses.
  5. I feel very modern with the “Recent finds” category on this blog that automatically updates with my recent tags. Pressure to keep it fresh.
  6. I wish that I could control the speed of time. I would begin by adding a few hours to the day.
  7. I heard the term “man cleavage” for the first time today and it may have reduced my quality of life.
  8. The relationship between good hair and success should be carefully examined. Actually, I’m sure it has been.
  9. Off all of the seasons spring is my least favourite. Maybe this year will change that. I do like the patio thing though.
  10. I’m having sushi for lunch. Makes today better.

Note to self. I think lists are better when they are focused. Next time. I’m just forcing myself to at least post regularly.


  1. Love your website!! I think random trivia about a friend’s life is the best way to keep in touch. Seriously!

    Usually ginger cravings = pregnant. Just sayin’!! 🙂

  2. Well, I guess since ‘Manboob’ is now common enough, it was only a matter of time before man-cleavage started making the rounds. Though the absolute bottom of the barrel is still ‘sideboob’. male or female, it’s just weird.

    How can you dislike spring?

  3. Spring brings appearances for man-cleavage? AKA HEvage

  4. Hey Steph – cool site – love the layout and the pic!

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