Posted by: Steph | April 15, 2008

Dog infestation

I have nerver watched a full episode of The Dog Whisperer until last night. Now I want to go and spend a week living on the compound with Ceasar’s pack of about 40(?) dogs. Big ones, little ones, I want one of each. And a polar bear of course.

Cat strollerThe funniest part was when he wanted to help the bonding between a dog and a cat and he got a cat stroller to bring the cat on the dog walks. I have a pretty high threshold with regards to being embarrassed but I would be a little bit mortified to walk down the street with my dog and a cat in a stroller.

But I still want to go and live at Ceasar’s compound.



  1. Would that be more or less silly than, say, gift wrapping your own phone?

  2. Some dogs and cats have a higher mortification threshold than others and let’s face it, your 4-legged kith and kin simply have no choice. Like a dog you know well that has been know to wear a Superman outfit.
    BTW the font size isn’t that small. The hair may be about to fall out, but the eyes are still good.

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