Posted by: Steph | April 14, 2008

Craving Paris

I need new shoes and a new handbag and I could use a few spring and summer work outfits. I am way better equipped to dress in the fall and winter. The boots/sweater thing is home to me. It would be so much easier if I could pop over to Paris and do my shopping there. With a slightly bigger budget.

I actually had a shopping dream on Saturday night – In my dream I bought atrocious baggy red paint splattered pants with stirrups – and I was convinced that they were really cool and made me look thin. Mind you I also dreamed that two – actually three – of my coworkers were having a scandalous affair. And while I was not judgy, I was quite surprised. Especially because my current workplace appears to have way less hidden scandal than the CBC.

Oh yes – people reading on RSS – check out the site, I had a total makeover this weekend. Now I tweet, comments are up front and centre… so 2008.


  1. New design looks great. Is the picture from your parents cottage site?

  2. Glad you like the new design! The picture is from Eagle Mountain – the Vermont cottage. That is my favourite rock ever. Great place to sit and watch the water. And I plan to change the picture weekly.

  3. In other news…

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