Posted by: Steph | April 7, 2008

side fx

I’ve been working on becoming completely invulnerable and it has been going well. Almost everyone I work with has been sick at least twice this winter and I have been prancing around full of energy. Until yesterday. It got me.

I immediately began the Cold FX regimen which I swear knocks the viruses away in record time but there is the unavoidable side effect – insomnia. I assumed that this was a normal thing but apparently Cold FX has been tested up to hundreds of times the recommended dose with no side effects. I get sensory overload and my brain fills with waves of texture, colours, sounds, words (oral and in print), and feelings. It is exhausting. On the flip side I refuse to take any “night time formulas” for anything because they give me the feeling that I am being dragged into death. I don’t think that I would make a great drug addict with that level of sensitivity.

On a related note – someone around me recently called it “doing insomnia” instead of “having insomnia” and I think it is brilliant. 

I’m bored and I’m not in the mood to read anything in the house so I decided to play with the dark nail polish trend. I have seen this on four people whose taste I quite like last week alone and now I am curious. My nails (natural length, rounded, not square porn starish) are now a deep maroon shiny and I kind of love it and kind of hate it. Mostly love it because it is like playing dress up.


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