Posted by: Steph | April 4, 2008

Dove makes me mad

How many articles have been written about Dove’s pro-woman Real Beauty Campaign and how wonderful it is that they are working to expose the beauty myth… I have to admit, I love the ads, but then…

Dove is owned by Unilever. Unilever owns Axe. Axe of the absurdly sexist advertizing campaigns. I think that any benefit that comes from the Dove ads is washed out by the Axe ads. Jerks.

On a related note: My new favourite site:

To me it is like health food that tastes good. I pick up little tidbits that are great cocktail party banter (did you know that they are re-launching Sweet Valley High and they have changed the text so that the twins are now size four instead of size six?), and at the same time I am reminded on a daily basis that there is still so much worth fighting for.



  1. Why? What’s wrong with the Axe ads? Guys can dream can’t they? Like, who believes in these ads anyways? Give the guys some credit, Steph. 🙂

  2. The fact that men are expected to be dreaming about vacant twits is kind of the problem. The accuracy is irrelevant.

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