Posted by: Steph | April 3, 2008

3 beer ramble

I’ve never been much of a diarist so for me it is kind of a novelty that I can glance back on ths blog and see what was happening a year ago. On the personal front I have the same weaknesses: 

  1. Considering gummy bears & cookies a food group.
  2. Lack of moderation in general.
  3. Being unreasonable about bed-time.
  4. Diet Coke.
  5. Deconstructing more than necessary.

I am going to defend myself and say that my deconstruction habit has become a national trend. And I will prove this by pointing out the abundance of in depth commentary on the socio-political implications of the latest Hills episode.  I never watched the show until I started reading over-analysis, and then I could not resist this level of absurdity.

I saw that one year ago we were in the middle of the “great pub night scandal” of 2007 – when we had the Official Pub Night and the “Real Pub Night” and everyone was so wound up in general that it actually became an issue leading to people sending me long hate filled diatribes or gushy comments. We really were a little bit batty towards the end. 

I almost miss having people feel so strongly about me. I’m loving my new job I have met some fantastic people. I am even slightly charmed by one or two of them (three guesses who). But I have obviously not yet had a huge impact because I don’t think I have an enemy yet. And yes, as a woman I feel that it is almost always the case that if you have impact you inevitably create a little bit of resentment somewhere. 

Tonight I went out with some work friends and some old sexist stereotypes came out – the thing about men being up front and women being less direct and potentially back stabbers. Makes me cringe. And I just can’t buy into it. Maybe I choose the women that I trust well, but I feel that the women who support me would go further in this support than the men would. Am I projecting because I take loyalty and having balls so seriously? 

I hate using the term “balls” the refer to courage, but in modern language there is such an exact meaning associated with it,and there is no word for this that does not relate to male genitalia. And I should just stop this rambling right now.   


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