Posted by: Steph | January 7, 2008

New year, new blog.

Look – a new header bar and the “MBA student” tag line is finally gone. It’s time to redefine. I have been agonizing (perhaps that is an exaggeration – consider it casual agonization) over how to keep the tone of the blog while not talking about work – because I have a moral issue with people discussing personal work details online. So let it be known, I am going to take some literary freedom and change names and identifying details so that no person, place, or event in any work related posting is based on actual fact, although certain stories may appear ripped from the headlines. Okay. I got a little bit carried away because I started to feel as though I was opening a Law and Order episode (please insert Law and order sound here).

A few MBAs have asked me what I find useful from school, if anything, and I maintain that the time and expense are still worth it. And I still maintain that going into a 601 group with the sole purpose of learning how to manage “___holes” was beneficial. Although in “The Company” (New name for where I work) I have not had to work with anyone as blatantly ridiculous as “the problem” and no one quite matches up to the sheer laziness as “the second problem”, learning to deal with them has been useful, in a slightly depressing way. Here is it:

I used to be more optimistic about people and their capabilities, but now I realize that some people have different standards and expectations, and realistically there is a limited impact that I can have on that. Also, even if I can impact someone’s standards, sometimes it isn’t worth it. Sometimes it is faster and more efficient to just consider someone completely irrelevant. I have come across someone is my new life who reminds me of “the second problem”. And even though her lack of communication caused a few of my projects much grief and I could have asked and insisted that she correct the issues, and I tried once, and after it did not work I decided to just move on and deal with it myself because a) it was not worth the emotional investment of irritation and fury, and b) it was faster and the quality of the work was higher doing it myself. The final tally? The work was fine, this person’s reputation has been tarnished (because I did mention this to the relevant people), and I lost no sleep and wasted no negative energy.

Random updates:

1.      I need to remember to bring my cow skull for my desk.

2.      I LOVE that I can wear jeans to work. And can justify buying jeans.

3.      A day without banter is like a day without oxygen.

4.      I hate not being able to find stuff out about people and I have one data file that I can’t seem to complete. It is driving me crazy. Not Britney crazy though.

5.      Still don’t have a work bf or gf, although every week I have a new work BFF. I’m fickle that way.



  1. I’m glad you kept Agador in your banner

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