Posted by: Steph | January 7, 2008

Facebook confessions.

I am curious. Ridiculously so in fact. I use my knowlege for good and I don’t share secrets other than those that are mine to share. But I want to know. And when it comes to meeting new people at work…I will search you. I will see who your friends are, how many you have, and I will note their networks, approximate ages, and general look. If you have elected low privacy settings I will look at your pictures. I will admire your pets. I will check your sexual preference and marital status if noted. I will read the most recent postings on your wall. I will take note if you are one of those people who feels compelled to write on their own wall, especially if you quote songs on a daily basis. I will scan your group affiliation, and see if you add every single facebook application to become a vampire / wereworlf / tv expert / whatever. I will make note of your education and work if listed. I will check any listed blogs or flickr accounts.

Chances are I will be happy to see the human – non work borg side of you and will like you a bit before even meeting you.

It only takes about one minute, it amuses me, and I am that curious.

If I were a cat I would have been dead a long long time ago.



  1. Only a minute? Teach me oh master…

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