Posted by: Steph | December 28, 2007

Week that doesn’t count

It’s the week in between Christmas and the New Year and I am at work. There is only a light sprinkling of co-workers, and it is so quiet that I can here the guy half way across the office whispering on the phone about his weekend party plans. Rest assured, it sounds like he will have a good time.

I usually think of this week as a slightly decadent time where I get to sleep in, eat too many treats, and find excellent clothes at ridiculously low prices. This holiday I have not once had a real sleep in, I did have a few too many treats – even by my standards – and I have yet to get anything in the sales. I may have to accidentally shop on the way home from work today – fall into a store and trip into the cash register with a few perfect tops. Jeans. Non jean pants. Can I justify another pair or boots? Please say yes.

Still looking for the post-school blogging groove. I’m quite jealous of this girl: she supports herself (quite nicely it would appear) by blogging. The catch is that she seems to share a little more than I like to. I think that blogging became a little bit less interesting to me after learning that my dad had stumbled on to my site, my in-laws were reading, and facebook friends from all contexts had easy access. Although that falsely assumes that people are as curious as I am about people and actually read blog links. It was easier to write when it was primarily for people in school with me sharing that particular brand of crazy. Generic crazy isn’t quite the same.

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