Posted by: Steph | December 10, 2007

Almost there

I’m just going to make a list.

1. Must change the masthead since I may still have tangents but I am certainly no longer a student. The question is – what am I? And please don’t say graduate because I really have no desire to define myself through something that is finished.

2. I think I foresee getting back to the blogging thing because I am finally starting to miss it – which is very different from just feeling that I need to get back to writing because people want me to.
3. Trouble ahead… I have an office party and I have nothing to wear!. The theme is “Black and White” although, much to my amusement, the invitation clearly stated that it is not necessary to wear black and white. As though the alternative is that people will be rejected at the door because they are wearing colour. That could impressed me actually.

4.  Diet Coke. Still a problem. I would like to drink more water but I work at a non water cooler place. I refuse to bring my own water since it would not always fit into my cute handbags, and I don’t do communal office fridges (Ick factor), so the britta is out. Which means that I need to resort to buying Evian, which adds up rather quickly. If I’m going to actually buy bottled water I refuse to buy things like Aquafina, which is essentially bottled water from Mississauga or something.

5. I have a Blackberry again. Never again will I stray or be lured away by the sparklyness of a Treo. The Treo was pretty but useless. Like so many pretty things.
6.  Must get back to work, since I have nothing of substance to add at the moment. And I have forgotten all of the very important things that I wanted to share.


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