Posted by: Steph | October 16, 2007

Life starts up again

Just an update, not a witty, clever, or well written commentary…

I begin work on Monday!!!! I’m glad I held out for a job in media and I hope that it was worth the wait. Being stressed out, broke, and more that a little uptight for the last six months has been a little bit rough for myself and everyone around me. Except the dog, who likes me being home all day.

I am moving this week – to the Brunswick and College area, and the place is pretty much the coolest ever. To get to the office I have to climb a ladder and it really is like a tree fort. I spent a lot of my childhood up in trees and on roofs at the cottage, and I find that there is something so calming about being somewhere that you need to climb to get to. The movers come on Thursday but we are trying to move everything except books and furniture beforehand. Housewarming to be announced.

Blog future? I know – I need to redo the banner since I am no longer an MBA student. But I don’t know what I want to be in this space. I enjoyed the slight trouble making that went along with using my posts to incite dialogue, but I will not be doing that at my workplace for obvious reasons. I will still tackle school related issues as they come up (so has it been a problem that Schulich handed out MBAs to a few illiterate fools who will ruin our reputation?), but school is no longer a daily thing.

By the way, “the problem” is nicely tucked away back in Columbia, and it really has gotten to the point where the 601 is funny. I stumbled across the following sentence that he wrote for the project (I saved it because it made me laugh so hard, especially when he didn’t see a problem with it):

” In order to build a flexible, efficient, productive and innovative
labor market, and to respond to the needs of employers it has
developed the Workplace Skills Strategy which focuses on three areas:
promoting workplace skills investment, promoting skills recognition
and utilization and promoting partnerships, networks and information
and has enhanced the entry of temporary foreign workers in Canada into
sectors and companies where they are required the government created a
pilot plan, starting in September 2006 in Calgary and Vancouver.”

I am also amused because “the other problem” is still working at the front desk at Schulich, even though other than the 601 he finished his MBA almost a year ago. Things are unfolding as they should. As for the other five people in the group, I have seen four of them in the last few weeks and the 601 is a distant memory.

I have to pack more boxes. Still drinking too much Diet Coke.



  1. Congrats on the new Job!

  2. Wonderful news! Glad to hear it 🙂

  3. Congratulations Stef!

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