Posted by: Steph | August 14, 2007

Time off for now

Blogging while my life is completely up in the air is not really my thing. I find that mood and motivation control is half of the challenge – which is odd because when in a job or in school I am easily motivated and quite positive. Maybe it isn’t odd at all actually since it relates to being surrounded by people. I’m choosing to avoid reporting on the job hunt because I will not report anything specific to any company since jobs aren’t exactly like school. I’m not planning on publicly challenging whoever hires me – as much as I enjoy a little bit of subversion sprinkled over my day.

Basically the summer has been a bit of a roller coaster ride but here are some highlights and lowlights:

1. Vermont was amazing and I ran/walked all the way to the corner store (12k). And they were out of those magical chocolate chip cookies!

2. Georgian Bay was beautiful. I swam a lot and gave my step-son swimming lessons.

3. I am beginning to adore scrabble. My mother is even beginning to drop the cards and play!

4. Setti won in a water fight against me – well he was sort of on my team – but I fell in a pile of rocks and I’m still a little banged up. Why must I find every pile of rocks to fall into?

5. I’ve been a gym bunny and I’ve been working out like crazy. I don’t use scales much but judging by my jeans I’ve lost 1/2 of the MBA/smoking pounds. It probably helps that I no longer eat gummy bears for dinner.

6. I’m drinking a ton more water and less diet coke and I have to admit that it does feel kind of better not waking up with a caffeine headache.

7. Part of the reason that I lost blog momentum was that in early July I witnessed a horrible fight between a couple in Christie Pitts park and the man threw a full can at the woman’s head. Right before he threw it she had her hands up and said “no, no, don’t do it”. I heard the horrid sound that the can made when it bounced off of her head and there was a fair amount of blood. They saw me and told me to fuck off and mind my own business but I rushed off to find a phone to call 911 and the police came rushing in… I don’t know if they caught the guy or what happened after that. Anyway, the whole thing kind of threw me because I’m not exactly surrounded by violence. I’ve been feeling a little bit less safe ever since and I resent that. I’m glad that my big scary dog (as I described him to the police) was with me.

8. Giant Tiger, otherwise known as “The Big Pussy” is so strangely full of magical treats.

9. My doggie has a little bump on his nose – I think it’s from a wasp sting. He is sad because his favourite aunt Minou isn’t around to spoil him rotten.

10. Tomorrow I am having a huge cleaning binge. My place is going to sparkle!

That’s all for now. We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming – daily facebook status updates.


  1. good to hear from you again

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