Posted by: Steph | June 18, 2007

Long term gratification

I much prefer the instant variety. These days all of the necessary tasks in my life are geared towards long term gain and it isn’t exactly fun.

Endevour #1: To be girly for a second – I want to fit into my cute SMALL jeans again. After quitting smoking and doing an MBA I almost feel as though I may as well have a baby to complete the trilogy of weight gain. I have already done some yoga this morning and I will run later. The good news is that I am no longer craving gummy bears on an hourly basis. The bad news is that I do not have a round the clock chef to prepare me healthy snacks and meals.

Endevour #2: This one is more important. Not only because if all goes according to plan it will definitely help with endevour #1, but because the stress relief will make the whole world a better place. Finding the right post-MBA job.

Since finishing school with the incredibly anti-climactic 601 I have had two things on the horizon: France and Graduation. These things are both over and now I am running with my eyes closed. And perhaps scissors. I am a tiny bit of a control freak every now and then, and I can tell you that this isn’t my favourite way to operate. I also find it harder to focus because I like organizing others or organizing myself within the context of others, and job hunting is a very solitary activity. Sometimes I wish that I could job hunt for someone else and that they could do it for me. Or that we could do it in groups. Chosen groups without the B20s.

Speaking of B20s I was thrilled to not have to interact with any of them at graduation. Many seem to have just disappeared and therefore, I will pretend that they never graduated. Or existed. Although I must always remember my ONE lesson from 601: Don’t work with idiots.

The weekend was great. I’m glad the “other” Steff pointed out that the Dean quoted Flashdance in his speech – although I have forgotten the exact line. The pub night was fun too, even though the venue was a little bit overwhelmed with all of us taking over the deck. That will teach them to not let us book. They were warned – although to be fair to them, we were anticipating slightly smaller numbers. Saturday, thanks Colin!!

Off to walk the dog and then it’s time to get everything done. I am going to have to focus on not spending extraneous time on the computer just because it is there and feels like I am doing something.



  1. Take your passion and make it happen!

  2. Just BE Jennifer Beals

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