Posted by: Steph | June 14, 2007

Soul Travel Theory.

It isn’t too scientific. I’ve always liked the notion that when you travel from one world to another your soul takes a few days to catch up. So my soul is still in Paris and I hope it arrives in time for convocation. Wouldn’t want a zombie shell picking up the degree.

I’ve been up for too many hours but I wanted to share the basics since I promised to get back to blogging upon my return…

Everything is too slow and roomy here today.

I have yet another pair of golden shoes.

I am quite proud that I drove in Paris and mastered some smaller roundabouts – didn’t do the famous arc though. Next trip.

Met a cute shiny new French guy who I am not related to (usually I only meet French guys I am related to, so this was a treat). Shauna Mac – please ask me for details as I believe that you should marry him.

Had lunch with Dana from Schulich who is over there – the wonder that is Facebook is what made us both realize that the other was there. How is that for an example of online social networking being put to good use?

Spent a few non-internet days in a row and it felt great.

Had a “Coca Light” in a cafe named after “the problem” as a toast to the end of 601. I love it that the French call Diet COke “Coca Light” While in Quebec it is “Coke Diete”.

My French was a little bit scrubbed up as it needed to be.

I ate so well and quite a lot.

Perhaps some of the castle grounds could be used to increase GDP is they were turned into golf courses.

I want to go back. For about…. 6 months. With the dog of course. And a ridiculous clothing and eating budget.

Now I’m off to get some Diet Coke and unpack. See most of you tomorrow.



  1. Good to have you back, mon amie.

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