Posted by: Steph | May 8, 2007

Phoning it in

I am usually inspired to blog when I am out walking the dog. Walking the dog while typing on a laptop is just not a practical way to blog. So… here we are. I am a blog delinquent.

I have had a weird week and I am still thinking about it. Maybe I’ll do a list because…I like lists.

1. Last Thursday I was at the CBC for a tiny consulting thing that I am doing and walking through the halls was just bizarre. Everything is the same except a few people have changed desks.The variety store guy in the atrium was particularly pleased to see me, I think his business went down dramatically without me drinking Diet Coke every day. He gave me lollipops.

2. At the CBC I ran into Stephen Friedman the OB Professor (he has clients there) and it threw me for a loop to have my MBA world enter my CBC world.

3. Facebook. I feel as though I spend my life admiring baby pictures. Thank god I’m not one of those girls who really wants one every time she sees a picture of a cute one. I like babies, some of them I even like a lot, but I also like being able to hand them back to their parents when they get too fussy. Also, I don’t like folding baby clothes or traveling with 30 pounds of baby gear. Yeah yeah, I know… when I have one it will be different… but for now my dog is just perfect. I was also amused with Facebook because my 90’s boyfriend got in touch with me before I went to the 90’s party on Saturday.

4. I did very well on the paper that I completely pulled out of my ___ for the professor who irritated me. Is it wrong to feel smug?

5. I am hoping that I will never see “the problem” or “the other problem” again. I had to laugh, our phase 5 is tomorrow and “the problem” just emailed us today to mention that he will not be there because he is going back to Columbia or something. Maybe that is better than “the other problem” though, because he hasn’t even bothered to reply to the emails concerning phase 5. I cannot believe that these people re going off into the world armed with a Schulich MBA. I am a little bit embarrassed for us all.

6. Good work new GBC!!! I am so impressed with the quick and thorough response to the course kits. Good sign of things to come.

7. I am going to train for a 5K race. I hate running but I want to love it. This is my quest. Hopefully this will dovetail with the no sugar thing. No gummy bears for me. Skinny jeans here I come…

Off to job hunt…



  1. yes, it is wrong.
    very wrong,
    very, very wrong,
    oh so very wrong,
    oh so wrong to be smug,
    so very very bad

    ah the theme song of the over-bright and under-utilized.

    You go girl.
    Way to graduate.

  2. You can do the 5K in Milton with me on July 1st weekend 🙂

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