Posted by: Steph | May 2, 2007

Rowing and an MBA

I have a few more school related rants and raves left…Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have somewhat of an obsession with people pulling their weight and taking responsibility for their actions. It drives me insane that Schulich promotes a culture in which people do not benefit from being accountable for their actions.

So, what happens to freeloaders in an MBA? Well, maybe they will be confronted by their group, who is powerless to do anything, or maybe someone will blog about them… Nothing much.

In high school I was a rower. We were on the water rowing at least 5 days a week at 5:30am. It was tough. Now if someone decided not to show up one morning there were consequences. The rest of the boat would not be able to go on the water and would have to go for a run instead. Guess how amused everyone would be. The person who didn’t show up would be nervous to show up at school because the rest of the boat would be so mad. It was simply not acceptable to let the team down.

During launch week at Schulich we went up to the woods and did team building exercises with our 5150 team. Little things like organizing ourselves in descending birth order on a log without talking. No offense – but that’s just idiotic. Actually – I take that back – Offense. What was the worst that could happen? If someone fell off the log…someone might have a 1/2 second of disappointment that they didn’t win? I think that Schulich needs to instill that real sense of “team”. I’m not sure how – but the program as it exist is graduating some real duds.

Blind item: Hats off to our favourite tiny MBA girl whose name starts with an “R” who really told off a freeloader… you know the one – that girl that suddenly appeared during the last week of the MBA and irritated so many people in so many ways. Sometimes I wish this was a gossip blog.

Can’t wait till the 90’s party this weekend – I have my outfit ready.

Ferg’s birthday is on Friday.

My dog has become a scientologist. It’s all about Xenu.

Must go to bed. I am still on MBA time (and MBA diet unfortunately) and I am trying to fix that.


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