Posted by: Steph | May 2, 2007

I want to be a celebrity today

Well I am jumping up and down on the diving board about to make a full fledged dive into job hunting land. And want to know a secret? I HATE job hunting land. Maybe I have flipped through too many tabloids at the supermarket, but I have decided that I would like to be a celebrity while going through this phase in life – just to deal with the silly things. Here is why:

1. I would like an agent and because I don’t like calling people to discuss myself. An agent could be like a talking resume. Also, they could take care of salary negotiations. I might have done well in my negotiations class but that does not mean that I look forward to salary negotiations.

2. I would like a publicist to give it all the right spin and answer questions.

3. A stylist would be great for interviews – I just learned that wearing red is not good for interviews – I like red and could have fallen into this trap.

4. A personal trainer and a chef would help me get rid of those MBA pounds.

5. The paparazzi would be amusing for a few weeks and I enjoy a little bit of high intensity. I am sure that somehow I would have a scandal or two, but my publicist would smooth things over for me.

6. Rehab sounds great. Apparently Rehab is what all of the top celebs do these days. Maybe Rehab for Diet Coke or sugar addiction would be a wise thing.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Time to dive.



  1. I think you have these already:
    1. Just tell people to look at your blog to find out about you. R can do a few more entries about you on hers too.
    2. Ditto.
    3. You have Steff.
    4. Riley motivates on your walks.
    5. I take care of your pictures. Let me know when any scandals are happening.
    6. Rehab is over-rated.

  2. Any further comments on this blog will have to be screened by me. My client is no longer available for direct questions and I will be present in all interviews.

    Oh, and I’m hiring a large bodyguard named Moe.

  3. Oh yeah. I hired myself to be your publicist and manager. I’d like to be paid in rileys

  4. you already have a personal chef.

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