Posted by: Steph | April 28, 2007

On break

I’m taking a little blog break until Monday… Because I realize how dull the posts have been.

Small aside – I have joked about my 9 year old stepson being a better writer than some people in my 601 and tonight he read me a short story that he wrote…

Joke is on me. He is seriously a better writer. I will transcribe the story soon.



  1. Come on Steph, you have plenty of great stories to tell us….how about you tell us about what happens to you when you don’t drink diet coke….

  2. when my little brother was 11, he submitted an article reviewing a video game to the newspaper i worked for. it was ten times better writing than my editor. beware pre-teens with a command over the english language.

  3. ah steph i love you so. and you know why. also, i have a present for you for which you will mock my taste but it is well intentioned. you shall receive it on saturday.

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