Posted by: Steph | April 24, 2007

The social butterfly hermit

I am caught between wanting to catch up with all of my non-mba friends and wanting to hole up in my house with my dog while I catch up on sleep. I should work on moderation and do both. In fact, maybe I should work on moderation in general. especially with regards to my Diet Coke intake.

I know that many people are still in 601 recovery. I will say that every day I care a little bit less – I am still waiting for the promised “looking back on it fondly”. I think that the 601 experience must have changed, or possibly the students have changed, because apparently in “the olden days” people really did look back upon the 601 as their core learning and bonding experience. I don’t think that this is the case today. I have a few friends who went through the program (with great success) five years ago and they found the 601 to be a somewhat useless waste of time, and they wish that they had spent less time on that, and more time on their other courses. They are still not looking back on it fondly. Why is the administration so convinced that the 601 is the answer? Didn’t we learn that things need to be reevaluated as the context changes?

Back to moderation – … for those of you who are new: I quit smoking almost two years ago, I took up eating instead (less than brilliant, I know), and now I am fat. That’s the quick update. So now I think that finding a job AND getting thin again need to be my primary goals. So please don’t feed me. I have eaten all of the chocolate in the house (there was a short term overflow that was calling my name) and now… no more excuses.


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