Posted by: Steph | April 24, 2007

Lucky Dog

Riley the dog is thrilled with this new schedule. He thinks that I have ended school in order to spend more time walking him. He does miss the 601 meetings though – when 5 or 6 people would come over just to see him.

I’m starting to find a new non-mba life. Today I was doing research for a media project that I might be involved in. It was a little bit odd to be researching on Telefilm and thinking of possible new revenue models without the stress of having to write a paper. I liked it. And then tonight someone called me asking me to be a facilitator for a meeting – so that is something too.

Next step – dream job. I’m ready. If only it could just magically appear…

I finished another book – Rollback by Robert J. Sawyer. I liked it but it was really Sawyer Lite compared to his other stuff. Usually his books provide great fodder for debate, and Ferg and I wind up completely disagreeing – we once argued for hours about downloading our consciousness to a robotic body (I wouldn’t do it, he was pro-robot… sort of like he would become a vampire and I would rather not). Anyway, the reading has been great aid in reclaiming my sanity.



  1. Hey… I never said that I would willingly become a vampire. I said that if I did become one, I wouldn’t be able to resist making you one as well. Totally different.

  2. How about editing a GLP project? 🙂
    This course blows goats.

  3. Wanna revise the fourth stinkin’ draft of my MA thesis? It’s not MBA stuff…could be a nice change…

  4. Turtles everywhere

  5. Hey Steph, what going on lately?!…are you tired of writing?. The Schulich community needs you active!

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