Posted by: Steph | April 22, 2007

Sanity returning. Slowly.

Well looking back on the last few weeks of postings it would appear that my husband is right. We did all temporarily lose our minds and become just a little bit crazy. I am slowly returning to myself. I delayed my cleaning binge for one day and currently I am right in the middle of it. I am already excited at the outcome… it’s genetic – I come from a long line of neat freaks.

I’ve read a book in the last 24 hours – the first one that I have read for fun in ages. I recommend it to all of you – it is called “The Line Painter” by Claire Cameron. It is full of clever sentences. And here is a fun fact, I went to camp with Claire. So… all of you unemployed MBA’s – go buy the book and remind yourselves how to read fiction.

I have a few Schulich related themes that I am still pondering before posting.

Every night around 11:30 I begin to feel anxious and I worry about a non-existent paper. I am looking forward to a normal sleep. OK. I’ll return to regular posts soon – I do realize how borning this post was.



  1. I second that…about the craziness. I’m sure as the days pass, all these fiascos will seem more and more ridiculous…and we can look back and laugh.

  2. I lost my sanity last week too, you are definitely not alone!! Just not sure mine has fully returned yet. 😛

  3. I remember you were a lot neater than me when we lived in the weave (though standards were pretty low).

  4. In case you lacking in non-MBA topics for your blog, here are a few suggestions:

    – Continue with the Fish naming contest
    – The new route you’re taking with your dog
    – Ways that you could possibly re-organize your clothes
    – A SWOT analysis comparing the characters on “The Hills”

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