Posted by: Steph | April 21, 2007

Now what?

OK. Last assignment done.

I know… tomorrow I will have one of my massive cleaning binges!! It will be excellent.



  1. I’m bored, and procrastinating on my last assignment. So….this is a special shout out to Riley from Auntie Steffie….you’re the best

  2. So getting back to normal is cleaning your house and reading a whole book–all within 24 hrs. I’d say you’ve still got some slowly down to do if you’re going to join the rest of us slackers.

    Glad you liked the book.

  3. i have already cleaned several times now … its a great feeling .. will probably get bored of it soon .. talking of reading we should share books .. .

    I have a couple of fun ones from the UK not sure if you got them here … lending a couple to Yashi – yes the fun one and yes you should have got to know her before now .. she is great !!

    have you heard of Emily Barr – Cuban heels is good .. well it is fluffy and perfect for coming down after the MBA .. got quite depressed when I looked at my book shelf and it was full of business stuff.. so over that phase of my life now .. party shop party shop … well when i get a job..

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