Posted by: Steph | April 20, 2007

Post Party Post

My turn to gush a little – a little break from the recent rants. You know, so many amazing people and I am going to miss you. I know that many friends I will continue to see, but others I won’t. And I will miss just saying hi in the hall. I

I was talking to Al tonight about things I have learnt from individuals – the good and bad lessons that were unexpected. I think it merits a sober post.

A few things to clear up… Natalia – every girl needs a cowboy, a Buddhist and??

Kirsten – thanks. I needed to hear that tonight. I sincerely appreciate it. I hope we have a chance to get to know each other better.

Yashy – you are fun. How did we not get to know each other sooner?

Aruna: We will all miss you so much.

BFF from Man of Change. Brownie date.

Vince – glad I didn’t need to cover.

Steff R. Thanks for the hair – apparently it was a hit. You rock. Options if the MBA doesn’t work out…

Andrew. You have such better uses of your time. Go clean your office or something instead of reading this useless stuff. By the way – flattered you did read.


Man… I kind of miss everyone because now I realized that I won’t be seeing you in the marketplace next week.

Drunk girls should not facebook or blog. Goodnight. Wish me luck with my essay in the morning.



  1. good luck !!!

  2. Hmmm. I can’t remember but… I would say that every girl also needs a cute surfer dude… (pref with long-ish hair) 😉

  3. Is it cottage time yet??

  4. My problem was in and out in less than a minute. So you missed “it”. I felt bad… Bedford is a long walk from Spadina. Why does this always have to happen to me??? Oh wait… it’s just 1 subway stop away. Maybe I shouldn’t feel guilty. I believe in karma… now I’m worried.

  5. You forgot:
    Richard- thanks for nothing.

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