Posted by: Steph | April 19, 2007

random ramble

Wow…. if I don’t write new posts the comments start getting a little bit feisty after awhile…(I will freely admit right now that I edited out something in one of those comments because it was too offensive for this site) Someone needs some anger management classes (misc and anon are the same person). Are we all so bored now that classes are done that people think that pub nights are an issue worth fighting over? Just because I have a history of bringing up controversial issues does not mean that everything that I bring up is a controversy. Should we analyze this like a business case?

Issue: Two pub nights. One on Friday and one on Thursday. Different locations. Both to celebrate the end of term.

Oh wait… different nights? It seems we do not have a problem at all because they are on different nights and anyone can go. Issue solved. Didn’t even need to do a matrix.

The 601 debacle is still keeping me from sleeping. I can’t quite believe how it ended and now I’m playing the “what if’s” game in my head. It is definitely making this last essay more of a challenge to focus on.

Here is a question, why are the language standards for the 601 different from the rest of the program? Is the school embarrassed by its usual standards? In 90% of my classes there have been minimal repercussions for extremely poor communication skills but suddenly with the 601 it actually matters. I do believe that it should matter – but I do not think that the standards should suddenly change for the 601.

Can someone tells me how long it takes for 601 post traumatic stress disorder to subside?

So… more disconnected thoughts:

1. I’m eating gummy bears again. I NEED to start eating well and get rid of the 601 pounds (yes, I will temporarily blame being fat all on the 601 because I learned in my interpersonal managerial skills class that stress leads to stomach fat). Also, time to get back into shape. I want to fit into my skinny jeans. And yes, I do acknowledge that the abnormally high value that I place on being very thin is completely opposed to my feminist values. Society…

2. I’m thrilled with the Canadian gun laws. It’s hard to kill 32 people with a knife.

3. My dog is the greatest, even though he has a weird phobia of having his tail stepped on.

… Actually – maybe I’ll bring him for a walk now since I obviously have nothing particularly interesting to say.



  1. I don’t usually pimp out my blog, but I couldn’t resist making an entry about your sniper.

  2. Good to hear someon else is living on candy. If I eat one more Skittle, I think I might barf. Tonight, my dinner choices are Cap’n Crunch or Lucky Charms.

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