Posted by: Steph | April 19, 2007

New heights of geekdom

I hurt my ankle by sitting perfectly still.Wow. How ridiculous is that.

Now Karen isn’t going to be able to come tonight and I think that we all need to have a beer for her because she can out-drink any of us. Maybe we should all have too so that she can feel the effects all the way in Barrie. And it just gives us an excuse to go out again soon since she missed tonight.

So… shall we all gush about Keith? Too much grumpyness so maybe we need a random person that we can all gush about. Or do we have any other nominations? Because Keith barely knows me and I keep giving him reasons to think that I am moderately insane already. Which is amusing. Actually, I think that a lot of the “new kids” have a weird read on my because they read this blog but don’t actually talk to me often.

A few pages to go before the other Steff comes over and it’s time to get ready.

… this just in – we might need to drink for Renee too. That’s a lot of beer if it is for “fun and frolic” Renee.



  1. I am going to try to be there, but have to finish a “good” draft of my thesis for tomorrow. Maybe a beer or two will get the words flowing?

    I wanted to have a drink for every page I have pounded out in the last month – I am currently at 150….I think I may need some help with this one – any takers? If I attempt this challenge “Fun & Frolick Renee” will probably turn into “The Chronic”, maybe I’ll re-think that.

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