Posted by: Steph | April 17, 2007

Stop email yelling

Did anyone else feel that they were being yelled at to attend the (fake) pub night in that last GBC Communicator email? Why the size 64 font? Is that going to make us absorb the message better?

Anyway, don’t forget – the “REAL” pub night is on Thursday at the Bedford Academy. Right at St. George subway. See ya there. As Richard B. put it: Rockstar Drunk.

Yes, I’m having trouble focusing on my essay and so I am making fun of GBC emails. I have nothing better to do. Actually, I do… that 20 page essay. So I’ll just get that done now. I completely crashed and slept for hours after the 601 drama. That was so exhausting on every level.

Okay… focus. Me, not you. You can do whatever you like.



  1. haha…am writing the paper for the same class and can’t focus either

  2. I just hit page 16 with no end in sight…. Basically it’s taking up every waking moment I have outside of work…. If only I hadn’t procrastinated.

  3. GBC EMAILS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I LIKE TO YELL!!!

  5. Uh oh, colin’s getting excited again. Does someone need a time out?


  7. rockstar what?


  9. Why is everyone so against the GBC pub night? I talked to someone earlier and he said there’s politics going on. Politics??? But we’ve just had the elections! And I’m sure we won’t have a (or the? I no espeak English) problem this time around, if you know what I mean.


  10. Are you saying that things should be fine because they don’t have…. a… “problem” in the GBC this time?

    Politics about an end of term pub night? I just want everyone to come to the “REAL” pub night because I like pubs so much better than clubs (being 34) and I want all of my friends to be there. Nothing against the GBC pub night at all. I’ve been to almost every single one.

    If there is some interesting scoop here let us know.

  11. —a comment here was deleted by Steph because it was too offensive—
    why cant everyone just accept that the pub night is at Level for the end-of-term

    this does not mean there is another party/hangout endorsing bedford on thursday….maybe buses from campus to bedford would help making it the “real” pub night? just a suggestion

  12. actually rumour has it that bedford will suck and mostly losers are attending it

    does that make me a loser if i go to bedford??? its only a rumour right?

  13. yes. it will make you a loser. a big one. huge. massive. monumental, even. so, do yourself a favour and don’t go.

  14. What the!?!?!?!?! Who cares if there is 1, 2, or 3 pub nights???? Anon/Misc, why are you making an issue out of this???? You’re such a loser…

  15. As far as I know, there is no interesting scoops! Anyways, I through down a club for the final event since I knew that there was going to be this pub night organized as well. Best of both worlds for everyone. However, I probably should have told Omar to send out a GBC notice to inform everyone about tonight as well…
    See everyone tonight! (and some of you tommorrow!)

  16. Keith… I think you are going to be a fab social director, and thanks for the above post, you’re a classy dude. I’ll be sure to see you tonight 🙂

  17. Agreed. Thanks Keith.

  18. keith is pretty

  19. Keith we heart you 🙂

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