Posted by: Steph | April 16, 2007

The lowest of all

Today I witnessed the height of selfish self entitlement. I am thoroughly disgusted. Remember how “the other problem” was refusing to sign the grade allocation sheet on which he got a -1?

Small aside for non-Schulich: Grade allocation for 601 is such that the team members are evaluated from -2 to +2 and it must equal zero in the end. 95% of groups give everyone zero, the majority do so to avoid discomfort.

Well, the little jerk kept refusing to sign, even though he had participated in the agreed upon process, and when someone else, Zafar (to give him credit), finally volunteered to take the hit for him, he accepted. So, in conclusion, there were no consequences to him for missing an entire phase, consistently handing in garbage, consistently missing deadlines, refusing to check his email, refusing to reply to emails or phone, missing meetings for no good reason, and general unpleasant rudeness and arrogance. Lucky him. It must be interesting going through life with such a sense of entitlement and zero sense of responsibility.

I need to remind myself that in 10 years of working, I have never come across the level of incompetence that I have in this 601 team. Anyone close has been fired. I joined this team in particular because I figured that I needed to practice managing assholes, and this team came ready with two sketchy individuals (and five people I think are great… and still have a good relationship with), however, had I had any idea of the level of incompetence and work ethic I would have realized that they are not even worth learning to manage. And the waste of energy on those two prevented a lot of actual learning.

Maybe 5150 should skip the class on ethics and throw in a lesson on accountability.

The 601 is over. No joy. Did I learn something? I don’t even care right now actually.

K. One 20 page paper to write. I’m sure I’ll have a few more needed 601 rants as I process it all.



  1. The good news is post MBA you get to choose who you spend your time with. You’ll always be a 2+ in my heart

    Can’t wait to see you at the real pub night.

  2. Some post-601 medical advice: avoid salty, fatty food and exercise often. “Problems” aren’t worth dying for.

  3. work is not worth to die for – there are more important things in life
    so relax 😉 anyways the first victim of this behavior is he himself

  4. I have been resigned to the fact my ‘A’ effort on the 601 is actually going to be a ‘B+’ at best on my transcript due to my group’s incompetence and my unwillingness to spend one extra ounce of energy trying to argue my case for a +2 for a project that I will wipe from my memory in a week’s time. It is just not worth it. I know the work I put in and that’s truly good enough for me…

  5. 601 was also my worst group experience at Schulich. I saw how impatient and impolite a person can be when he/she is under pressure. The pressure that was the result of the 8-month lousy job of the whole group (excluding 2 and) including the same person too.

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