Posted by: Steph | April 13, 2007

REAL Pub Night

Does everyone know that the end of term “Real Pub Night” is at the Bedford on Thursday the 19th? The one on Friday doesn’t count.

I know I haven’t posted in close to a week but trust me – that is probably fortunate for everyone. In fact, I’m being risky by posting now because I am verging on illiterate after writing so much stuff in the past week.

I have nothing interesting to say – but stay tuned – 601 grade allocation is on Sunday at my place. Maybe its time to revisit the water guns idea – or at least bring out the light sabers.

It would appear that Setti and Vassilis aren’t comfortable with my non-manogamy approach to a Management of Change BFF. So we’ll see about it at the pub night – buying me drinks would influence the outcome.. just saying.

I have been thinking about the “lessons learned” in the MBA. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I have realized that bullshitting is sometimes the most efficient and rewarding way to get stuff done? I can only bring myself to BS when I do not respect the recipients, but in those instances I have been well rewarded with good grades and praise. I’m just not sure how I will choose to use this new piece of knowledge.



  1. I’m consistently amazed that end-of-term, and end-of-program :-(, “pub nights” are held at places where conversation is discouraged visavis excessively-loud music, crass ambiance, etc.

    Surely more than a few of us would prefer GBC sanctioned pub nights to take place at PUBS!!

    So yeah, the REAL pub night is certainly the one to attend…

  2. thump thump doo doo doo doo thump thump doo doo doo doo

  3. Sections F & G rule. Best People, Best Pub-Night, Best Bloggers

  4. Lesson #2: don’t miss any “real” pub nights.

  5. You guys all stink. You Had to have a pub night when I couldn’t make it. Bah.

  6. If you were Jojo you would have been able to do both. I wish we were all Jojo.

  7. I think that they key to being Jojo – whoever that is?! – is being Jah Jah!

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