Posted by: Steph | April 9, 2007

I was so immature

I just got home from a decent 6 hour 601 meeting. We got a lot done and the meeting was generally positive.

Now I just sent a completely immature email to someone that goes against the rules of engagement as far as I see them. A little bit of cognitive dissonance is setting in as we speak. This is what the 601 has driven me to – I have become more immature.

This was to be the last meeting with “the problem” since he is leaving the country tomorrow, but unsurprisingly he wasn’t in attendance since he had not paid attention to where the meeting was.

Now.. a history lesson for any new readers: In Phase 3 he submitted his part after the report went to print, an we kind of let it slide (in part because it would have been 95% cut anyway, in part because of exhaustion). Anyway, I needed this part yesterday to double check for any relevant material, and I sent out an email to the group asking if anyone had the content that “the problem” (no I don’t call him that in group emails) had sent regarding ___ for phase three, and I qualified it with “the stuff that was submitted after the report went out” so that people knew what I was talking about.

Well. He sent an email saying that he could not access it, BUT that this material had in fact been sent before the report went out, and that I had apologized to him, and so on – now something similar to this had happened but it was a minor unrelated oversight long before the Phase 3 issue. Steff R. was quite annoyed to see this email, since it was false, and pointed out that this was not the incident that I was referring to.

Well then he took the private individual approach to try to prove that he was right because it was “his word”. Enough!!! We are too busy with our report to deal with this crap. For this phase “the other problem” did 95% of the work assigned to “the problem” and yet he is busy trying to find factual errors in my emails.

So.. this is where I get immature… I just sent him an email with the irrefutable proof that he sent in his crap after the report went out. And I told him that if he still had lingering doubts that he could bring them up after phase 4 because most of us are too busy working on the final report.

Maybe I should have just let it slide because I know that he has zero credibility at this point, but I was just so irritated that he would waste people’s time trying to prove that he did not mess up when he did… and he is done the 601 and he will be missing all of the presentations while the rest of us have countless hours to put into it still. so… does that make it ok as a little indulgence just this once? I promise to behave from now on.

Update: OMG… Just to continue in this high school vein…I just got a reply from him. Too funny, but I can’t share the basic content without revealing his true identity. He really is hell bent on having the last word – even if that word is nonsense. Anyway, I grew up, and deleted the email. My little foray back to teenage behaviour is over.


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