Posted by: Steph | April 6, 2007


1. I’m a bad influence. I got David Tunnah to eat Chocolate – a rarity because he is Mr. Healthy. It’s not fair that some people crave fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

2. Nadia is cool. She actually put “bla bla bla” in the middle of an essay (last term… so if you are her professor this term there is no need to re-check the essay – although I can’t promise that she hasn’t done it again). I kept meaning to do this but never did. For the record, it was never detected.

3. I think I’m finally a little bit bored of What Not to Wear – I don’t want to watch it, I want to live it – from either side.

4. A few people have asked to “guest blog” on this site – so if you have something to say here – end of program talk if you would like, or something completely random – feel free to email it to me and I will post it (The next 2 weeks are going to be insane so I am happy to accept content).

5. Setti, I am sorry to tell you that Vassilis is my new BFF in Management of Change.

6. I am writing a paper on a negotiation with “the problem” and I can’t help but be amused… because my deep finding is that negotiating with some people is about as practical as negotiating with a rock.

7. I’m craving sushi suddenly.

8. Update on funny things people have entered into a search engine that has led them to my site (what browsers? So weird):
schulich + sex
Karen Sabet
Schulich better than Rotman
Matthias Kipping
Kevin Markle cute
Justin Tan + Schulich
Jessica Fingerhut Osgoode (I have no idea who she is, or why someone would find a link to my site, but I have seen this about 3 times – weird)
Steff Rota
Schulich no life

9. Off to write ten pages.



  1. I bet you a nickel that Tan was searching for himself.

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