Posted by: Steph | April 2, 2007

What else?

I had such a fantastic time at the formal. It was absolutely fabulous. And I really deserved to feel as horrid as I did yesterday morning.

I never would have guessed that my scarf would come in so handy for a limbo segment of the evening – and as the pictures start showing up on facebook, I am happy to see that others enjoyed wearing it as well. Even though Steff and Mel were determined to keep my scarf off of me. I suppose I should be happy they stopped at the scarf.

Congratulations to the student award winners – David, Karen, Colin, it’s all about the January start!

This just in…

Question: If you work at an agency and produce an award winning website and then leave the company – it is OK for the company to just change the credits to reflect who is still there?

I pulled a few all nighters for this project and I just found out (because oren sent me the link) that it won a Gold at the Digital Marketing Awards. And I see that I have been replaced in the credits. Charming. Oh well. I suppose that if a company has close to 100% turnover it is a bit embarrassing to have no one left to accept the award.



  1. you rock … have you seen my photos yet you look so cute in your tiara

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