Posted by: Steph | March 29, 2007

Water Guns

Idea. The next 601 meeting is at my house and I think that I should pull out my sons water guns – all eight of them – and we can each have one and spray each other when we interrupt or talk over someone.

I’m serious. I think this might help illustrate the problem with humour.

I’m taking Interpersonal Managerial Skills and in that class its fair that we have to do a bunch of interpersonal stuff. If you sign up for a class with that name its somewhat unavoidable really. Anyway, I’ve been ranting a lot so I wanted to share a little mini a-ha moment with you all. We were analyzing conflict and I realized that my approach to analyzing conflict is very “big picture” and I could really benefit from isolating the problem in relation to only me.

Setti agreed to trust me and in my evening class he will close his eyes and open his mouth… I brought a surprise treat. I might even giggle. Not that I’m the type to giggle. Ever.

Gender issues: Click here – there have been some really interesting comments.

Blind item: One more thing – Who knows the story of Mr. Grumpy Pants? This guy has been in two of my classes and so many people have seen him yelling at people, either on the phone or in person. I don’t know him and I never manage to eavesdrop on his little tantrums but I want to know the scoop. He looks angry all the time and it is a little bit disturbing.


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