Posted by: Steph | March 29, 2007

601 Rant


Kill me now. What’s the point? We know already that some people will hand in crap or nothing at all and the rest of us will scramble at the last minute. Nicely asking, policing, being direct…. we have tried everything and it never changes. And some people are more patient and trusting that things will change. The thing is – I really don’t care much about my mark so I’m not sure if I’m willing to really scramble anymore.

I have a headache and every time I have opened my mouth “the problem” has talked over me. Even when I was telling him to stop talking over me he was talking over me in order to say he wasn’t talking over me. He does talk over the men less (I started counting) – I should figure that into my power & politics project.

I kind of want to throw my pen. Maybe my 601 lesson is self restraint.



  1. Throw the pen. Do it. Do it now. Thought of the day: unless you have another pen, aim well.

  2. Survey: Who would rather end their 601 right now and get a B+ instead of continuing to work on the damn thing?

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