Posted by: Steph | March 27, 2007

Procrastinating Procrastination

…. So is it a bad sign that I have had so much trouble focusing recently that I have been procrastinating blogging – one of my favourite procrastination techniques? I think it may be a little bit problematic.

I’m a bit burnt out. Either that or I have Gulf War Syndrome (anyone watch House tonight?). So I have a list of things to share:

1. Colin: I kind of hate you for getting me on Facebook. But I kind of love it too. I’m glad these things didn’t exist when I was in undergrad because I would have gotten myself into so much trouble and I never would have done any schoolwork. Gossip and stalking was so much harder in the olden days.

2. In my Management of Change class last week we spent what felt like hours talking about… ummmmm… can’t remember… something about dealing with people with bad attitudes – one of those topics that consists solely of shades of grey – and one thing that the professor said was “you can’t intellectualize this stuff”. Well – no shit.

So why are we even trying? I suppose that it was useful to think about once or twice but can we stop repeating the basics please? Sometimes in class we have these silly little conversations where it feels as though we, as students, are just playing along. Can someone please tell the profs that sometimes we are quiet only because we are bored out of our skulls? And really, if someone is socially incapacitated I doubt that a few wise words from a prof, or an insightful classmate is going to help them see the light. For the rest of us – I’m bored. Bored, bored, bored.

3. I think I’ve hit my Zone of Indifference. “Zone of Indifference” is one of my favourite negotiations related phrases. I have decided to apply it as often as possible.

4. I think I should wear my tiara to the Formal. Cause its sparkly. And my dress isn’t new so I am bored. I won’t bore you by going on and on about how much I want to lose 20 pounds by Saturday but lipo is impractical and against my personal beliefs…

5. Confession. Everyone who knows me knows that I hate all fruit and I don’t eat it – except for tomatoes that are legally fruit but hang out with vegetables. Gummy bears are the closest I get to fruit intake. Anyway, tonight at the grocery store the raspberries actually looked delicious and I wanted them!!! Obviously the end of the world is approaching.

6. In case anyone isn’t obsessing over facebook – Richard Bloom = Oscar the grouch on the outside but cuddly kittens and rainbows on the inside. Please pet him but don’t hand feed him. He bites.

k – That’s all for the moment.

Schulich students: Go here: MBAtalk And comment. Or share. Please…



  1. Facebook is your friend.

  2. you’re dead to me Marshall. Ok, I like you. You’re gonna be in my speech on saturday night.

  3. Public Service Announcement.

    Girls, don’t worry about re wearing your dress to the formal….mine too is being recycled!
    Props to all the Schulich girls who will not be buying a new dress … cuba!

  4. It’s amazing that I’ve spent almost 2 whole years at Schulich without knowing that this HUGE vault of interesting thoughts and opinions about Schulich existed. Now I don’t know if I should thank Steff for the initiative or blame her for giving me one more way to procrastinate… 😉
    Very cool blog, Steff! I’ll be sure to check in regularly from now on.

  5. Small adide: Steff with “ff” is Steff Rota – I am Steph with “ph”

    Also – Bloom – whatever you dare say in your speech may come back to you tenfold on this blog…

  6. Can I get a Bears reference in the speech???

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