Posted by: Steph | March 25, 2007

New Policy

I’m going to be taking weekends off from the blog from now on – unless there is excellent breaking news or I just really need to rant, glow, or gush.

So… see ya Monday.

By the way – I’m so calm because my place is perfectly clean after a cleaning binge yesterday. I love that feeling.

One more thing: Click Here to vote for the most worthy prof. And by that I mean Matthias Kipping. Dave Barrows is also a good choice but if it is between him and Matthias Kipping – Barrows has won in the past.



  1. I voted for Chikowski. I think she needs some lovin’ too.

  2. Roma – I know the truth. She had you after the “treat” comment.

  3. I voted for Tan.

  4. Yeah – I had a feeling you would. Bastard.

  5. C– that was of course to support “a little more strategy a lot less Tan” right? 😉

  6. Post something girl!!! I need some entertainment…as I’ve exhaused all other forms of procrastination.

  7. She did have me. I’m such a complimentwhore.

    Also, Steff…ffffffaaaaceeeeeeebooook.. You know you want it.

  8. Ok, I’m going to say that…I will maybe join after school is over. B/c then I will be bored and lonely. : (

  9. we will always be there for you … just reach out … reach out ….a’ll be there … alallal a’ll be there……. lalalala ( can never remember the words )

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