Posted by: Steph | March 22, 2007

Is it that bad?

During our 601 Phase 2B meeting one of our advisors (the one I think is so great…) trashed the The 7S McKinsey model. He said it had been disproved and that it is garbage.

During my Management of Change class my professor used it as the base of analysis for a few cases. I told him about having heard that the model had been disproved and asked for his thoughts on that. He just said that there are different opinions out there… no resolution on the issue as far as I am concerned.

I was trying to make class a little bit more interesting. The professor did say he wanted us to challenge him. A few people think this is not really the case. Are we in an environment where we should not challenge our professors? The thing is, now I am writing a paper using the 7s model and I am slightly ashamed of myself because I have no reason to think the model is useful at all. Oh well.

Whatever. Back to my paper.


  1. you can modify this model – make it 8S for example with addition of environment (for example results of implementation of 7s in Canada and in US will be different)

  2. The best profs are the ones who challenge our thinking and allow us to explore our thoughts. This is supposed to be Grad school where you develop your own thoughts, not sit there mindlessly and assume everything they say is gospel.

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