Posted by: Steph | March 22, 2007

Even MORE Communists

I thought that I would be the lefty at an MBA program in Canada but apparently I was wrong. What I am about to tell you is a true story, it happened to me tonight in my policy class. There were witnesses.

We did a little simulation: The class was put into 5 groups of 3 to discuss the notion of people profiting from disaster. The year is 1996, and we are in Oklahoma right after the Oklahoma bombings. The groups are:

1. The adjudication panel (somehow turned into government)
2. The Public Service – affirmative case
3. The Public Service – opposing case
4. Representatives from the victims
5. The media

We were there to discuss the notion of public institutions commercializing experience and lessons of disaster, and the potential profit of public servants.

I was the media (big surprise). We had a great spirited debate and everyone made some valid contributions (Fox news was not represented by the media group) – and then it was time for the adjudication panel to reach a verdict.

Get this. They decided that the news would have to have all stories related to the bombings go through a review process by the government! What sort of communist censorship ridiculousness is that? As if it would be even legal or possible, I protested and said that the media would no longer cooperate with the government nor recognize the current regime.

I just about lost it. Actually, not just about, I did lose it. Ask anyone in the class. What is it with the communist theme this week?


  1. Actually, truth be told, it sounds more “right” than left. While totalitarianism is definitely a characteristic of the few communist governments left (like China, sort of, and Cuba definitely), it’s a bigger factor in the fascist right wing governments of the middle east, africa, and asia. Oh, and the current US government tries it from time to time but usually fails, so far…

    So, it’s probably fascists you need to worry about, not communists. Fortunately, the real business world is a meritocracy, and the “we’re all equal here” proponents get weeded out astonishly quicky. Dictatorial control freaks abound, though.

    /two cents worth from a non-MBA.

  2. What a load of crap. I’d have asked if they thought that ‘All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others’.
    You’re right, there seems to be a theme lately, I don’t know whether it’s everyone just not wanting to rock a boat this close to the end, or what, but it’s starting to get to me.

    That, and the slackers. All slackers should be kicked in the head.

  3. Also, I miss Ferg. Can I borrow him? I’ll feed him and everything, I promise.

  4. As a student in that class I can attest that

    a) Steph DID lose it ….and
    b) someone did suggest as a solution a review panel for all media reports

    Although this was just a skit….to an extent…the opinions expressed by people … even in jest are somewhat telling of their potentially true opinions.

    all and all…these role playing situations are fun….look forward to next week

  5. Relax, people! It’s is called a debate for a reason. If everyone agreed with everyone else then it wouldn’t be a debate. Don’t take things so personally, it isn’t like the result of the class debate will actually come into effect…

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