Posted by: Steph | March 21, 2007


A long long time a go I taught “business practices” to eager new media students, and there is one thing that I was really tough about, and that is deadlines. I used to tell the students that if they came to me two days before the due date to discuss an extension for whatever reason I was open to it, however, after that I was not, and they would suffer a loss of 20% per day.

My reasoning was, that when dealing with media one should always assume that something will go wrong and build in a two day cushion. Computers crash, programs have bugs, designing takes longer than expected – these are realities that will be true after school as well. When dealing with clients there is no choice but to get things done on time, no matter how many sleepless nights this means.

I can count on one hand the number of times in my life that I have not had something done on time. I am proud to say that in many years of working, I never once was late with a client deadline. But today… I asked for an extension for a management of change paper. And my stomach is full of knots because I hate asking for that so much – it makes me feel like B20 (bottom 20% for those of you who haven’t read this blog much). Intellectually I realize that my reasons are fair – my schedule got massively thrown off by going to Montreal for the funeral, and since this project requires talking to people in the outside world it isn’t entirely in my control. Intellectually I even think that it is the right thing to do, since not asking for an extension would require me to pull another all nighter, and in all honesty, bullshit a lot of the paper. But I still feel horrible about it.

I saw this coming – and because I hate asking for an extension so much I waited until the last minute to ask, which isn’t good. I need to work on this.

Hey – with all of my navel gazing OB classes I’m sure I can use this fault in one of my exercises.


Well, I got the extension but it will cost me 1 grade point. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll just bullshit my way through and get it over with tonight. I don’t really care too much about one grade point, and the difference in Schulich grading between something I whip off, and something with substance is about one grade point anyway. I’m irritated by the whole thing, and even less likely to ask for an extension next time because I have a suspicion that the prof does think that I am a B20 since I asked for an extension. Which kind of infuriates me actually.

There goes my lesson on asking for something when you need it. Back to square one. I do realize that I am being a bit unreasonable, but something just feels wrong and I can’t figure out exactly what it is. Or I’m just too burnt out.

I’m in a really bad mood now. If you see me in the halls – you might want to avoid me.

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