Posted by: Steph | March 19, 2007

post election blurb

First of all: Congratulations to all of the winners! Make it great!

So this blog was almost a bit of a social experiment, as I had to redefine my standards and expectations as it grew… but a few things stood out that I would like to share with you.

1. I got a lot of feedback, and in the end about 90% was positive. What is interesting, is that out of the negative feedback only one person had the guts to use his/her name. Mayukh. And I’m really impressed with him for that – in fact, after that I saw a whole new side of him. By using his name and discussing issues we were able to have a dialogue (I posted his critique and my reply) and move forward. Those people just complaining and hiding behind anonymity – why not have strength to stand behind your words? What is the worst that could happen?

2. I found out from a few sources that some of the candidates wanted my site shut down. What I don’t understand is why these very same candidates didn’t just defend themselves on this platform since I decided to give everyone a chance to do so. If my critiques were invalid, I would have been thrilled to be challenged on them. Business school is supposed to teach us to deal with the unexpected and be resourceful. I know that one GBC’er (not a fan) was covertly telling the candidates to dismiss the site, but is that realistic when so many people are reading it?

3. I found it disappointing that some (anonymous of course) people found it necessary to use personal insults to disparage candidates, as it shows a lack of integrity.

4. So I wonder if the GBC election rules will be altered to acknowledge the reality of online content. I recommend extending the campaign time to include the voting week.

5. Emily: Your comment on not being a feminist – listen to this: Feminist (Small aside – I was in a few line-ups with her back in my rock star days). For everyone out there – feminism is about equality – not one gender above the other. Stop being afraid of the word!!!!!!!!!! K. I had to pick on that.

6. Mark Sy – I really hope that you are really involved next year. You have some amazing ideas and you’re just great – and now I can tell the world that we watched a man strip together. You can do the explaining. You do make me feel old though but I restrained from commenting earlier that “he’s such a little cutie”.

7. Warren – I really like your sincerity and I particularly liked your stance that fun and business don’t need to be diametrically opposed. I agree 100%.

8. I can’t believe that some people were complaining that there weren’t other blogs and forums – what a sense of entitlement. You want more blogs and forums? Go start one yourself! It isn’t rocket science but it does take a lot of work and you have to put yourself out there.

Over and out. I’ll be watching and blogging…



  1. I like your new fishy. Does he have a name?

  2. No name yet but I’m open to suggestion! By the way – deep thoughts – its because I put my thoughts in the metaphorical fishbowl…

  3. I’m also a fan of the fish!

    //does this mean that you’ve only got a three-second memory? Or has that been disproved? (I forget…)

  4. Artemis

  5. Agador Spartacus

  6. Well Artemis Fish would be appropriate because the leprechauns do hate me, however…. Agador Spartacus has a fantastic ring to it but he can’t stand shoes which is problematic. But do fish need shoes? Too complicated to decide tonight.

  7. free speech! keep up the great work Steph.

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