Posted by: Steph | March 19, 2007

communists amongst us

You know that feeling when you are quitting a job, and you have already given two weeks notice , and you are still there kind of going through the motions but you have lost your emotional ties?

Well my 601 meeting felt like that last night. “the problem” and “the other problem” were both in full yammer mode, and since I know that the yammer will not be in any way shape or form related to any productive content, I sort of felt checked out. It felt like we were playing a game called “meeting”.

I remember back in phase 2A “the other problem” said “we are all equal here” and I think that he still truly believes that to be true. I don’t. I believe that team members can lose their privileges. If one does not contribute, or hands in poor quality work, then unless he/she owns up to it and makes an effort he/she no longer deserves equal treatment. I believe that everyone deserves respect, but not equal treatment – there is a huge difference. I believe that those who contribute more and higher quality work should have greater privileges and rewards. Hmmm, isn’t this a defense for capitalism that I had to study in undergrad somewhere? Hey – I just figured something out – my 601 has a bunch of communists! That’s it exactly – they think that everyone should be treated the same regardless of what they do. Wow. Don’t see commies in business school every day.



  1. There are many, many socialists at Schulich. Both in the student body and otherwise.

    Just think of all that is done in the interests of “fairness”.

  2. Also, everyone has been called me “comrade”

  3. er, calling

  4. Agree with Eric. Maybe we need a capitalists support group. A place where we could all come together an learn about capitalism. A community that advocates entrepreneurship, leadership and management for the betterment of society. Maybe even have a school of some kind. A leadership, management, entrepreneurship, capitalism learning institution…nah…that’s just crazy talk.

  5. You’re quite right, Damon. It must be all that Danish you’re eating.

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