Posted by: Steph | March 15, 2007

Heading off

I am the WORST packer in the world. I am going to Montreal for less than 24 hours and if it were up to me I would bring a huge suitcase. I can always find an excuse to pack more things:

1. This time of year you can never be sure what the weather will bring and so I need to be prepared.
2. I need at least 2 pairs of shoes because I need heels for the funeral, and non heels in case I will be walking a lot if I go out on Friday and there might be ice in Montreal.
3. What if I spill something on the way up? I need at least an extra change in case.
4. Ummm – and anything else I’ll just cram in my bag and no one say anything please… Maybe I can’t justify it all.

Anyway, Good luck to the candidates! I can’t wait to hear the results. I have a bit of Blog Burnout and it works out that I will be offline till Sunday. Have an amazing weekend.


  1. Hey Stef, check out this website =) I know you’ve likely already left but it may help for your next trip!


  2. Nice site Dave. Lots of good info there.

  3. I like how it says “One Bag for the Compleat Traveller”.

  4. com·pleat /kəmˈplit/ [kuhm-pleet]
    highly skilled and accomplished in all aspects; complete; total: the compleat actor, at home in comedy and tragedy.

  5. I think it was the bully from Simpsons who said…

    haaaa ha.

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