Posted by: Steph | March 14, 2007


It’s all about the Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs – It is sort of like a combination of the regular Mini Eggs and Pop Rocks. Basically – a party in your mouth.

So the electoral candidates are buzzing around the marketplace with sonic energy waves pulsing from them since they aren’t allowed to campaign. I like it. Its a good vibe.

Now I often point out things I have issues with at school and I know that people are often bored when I get gushy and/or glowy – but I want to take a moment to talk about my negotiations class. I like it because I find it highly applicable to my life on a daily basis and it makes me think. The principles of negotiation, including the ethical base from which one chooses to operate, are almost like a consistent truth that we interpret for ourselves each day. Wow – that was a long sentence that means absolutely nothing to anyone outside my head. I would have gotten an A with that in 5150. I once wrote a sentence like that as my “question” on a mini paper just too see what would happen and the comment I got was “good question!”

Anyway, back to Negotiation – I need to find out the name of one girl in the class because she often says things that make me question my stance and I wish that she was in all of my classes.

Every once in awhile I’m too tired, ambivalent, or just plain bored to tears, and I pull out my laptop and check my mail or go on messenger. I only do this very rarely, for a few minutes, and in large classes – but I feel guilty every time – because I think it’s wrong. We demand a lot from our professors and we complain when we are bored – but sometimes when they try to get us to engage, everyone is too busy on msn to bother. And then we complain that the class is not engaging. In small classes it’s just rude and a sign of disrespect to the rest of the class. What if everyone was doing it? On the flip side – when lazy professors waste 1/2 of the lecture time with useless class case presentations I don’t feel too guilty. In my strategy class with Justin Tan last term I did not learn a single thing from a student presentation. And all we did was have student presentations, often by very intelligent and well spoken students – still – not a good format. I would rather professors randomly point at people and force them to participate.

I need to go to bed – and for a change I would like to not dream that someone is attempting to shoot me.



  1. I don’t understand something. We restrict Schulich GBC candidates to post their fliers to 2 small walls. Understandably this is because we don’t want the school covered in posters. However, there are a bazillion poster up right now for the York elections or something. What’s the deal? And why do they need to put up so many posters? Does the person that puts up the most get elected?

  2. This is a delayed response……but wow….how awesome are those candy cadbury mini eggs! I binged on them one night….and it was fun!! I was happy for the whole 3 minutes it took me to eat them.

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