Posted by: Steph | March 13, 2007

Random stuff

1. Don’t forget to vote for a new GBC. Click here.

2. We had our 601 Phase 3 today. It was fine. It’s over – on to phase 4. My goal is to just get through it. Yes, “the problem” and “the other problem” make the entire project more difficult simply by existing, since the meetings with them are slower, more aggressive, and less productive – and then on top of it their work is so poor it doesn’t arrive or is edited out… OK – I had to get that out of my system because I’m going to try to remember that their uselessness is their problem, not mine. Wish me luck. I’m trying once again to not let it get to me… Maybe i can do it for a “skill application” for interpersonal managerial skill. I’m all about killing a ton of birds with one stone.

3. I’m looking forward till after the election because I have some comments on the attitude of some of the candidates that I don’t want to share till after the elections – my reasoning being I don’t want to be in any way responsible for giving someone grouds to say that the election was unfair because of this blog. Not that I really care about their whinning, but I don’t want to burden Mel with the irritation.

4. Rankings – Remember that post? Well people keep talking to me about this and I was recently told that apparently Rotman actually fails people or kicks them out if they aren’t pulling their weight – which would lead to only decent people graduating and therefore accepting better jobs – and would contribute to their beating us in the rankings. We NEED to start weeding people out. I know its a business and all of that – so maybe give people a few chances – but follow through on any threats.

5. While I have your attention – Take “The Emergence of Global Management” with Matthias Kipping. Best class ever, and I wish he taught other things. I would probably take finance classes if he was teaching them. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who took his class – it isn’t being offered again until the fall. Everyone who has taken this class would recommend it. Brilliant. Even though the course description looks a little bit dull. It’s such a great course that at pub nights and parties people (not just me) start gushing about it.

6. Go here: CBC Outlet and go to “ALL VIDEOS” and then watch “Ben, Mentos and Diet Coke” and “Bocconcini Ben”. Then click on the stars to rank it really high. It’s my step-son and he is brilliant. He edited the videos himself and he’s only nine.

6.5 You wouldn’t believe some of the search terms that have led people to this blog (don’t know which search engine):
Kevin Markle Accounting
I got into Schulich with 550
Rotman MBA
Personal Application Memo
Nick Lachey
Canada MBA
Economics Rankings MBA
Moon Phases

7. Go back to the top of this post and click on the link to vote if you have not yet done so.



  1. I think Ben is a better cook than me. Also, how did he get into your precious diet coke stash?

  2. I died laughing when the D.C. shot up so high (after inserting the mentos)!! But the line of the video had to be, “What do you think will happen? *dramatic pause* Let’s find out…”

    But c’mon, did they have to tie you up when they proposed wasting a whole TWO LITRES of D.C.?? I cried a little… the vid was a roller-coaster of emotions…. please pass on my regards to the editor

  3. Coming soon: Survivorboy. Ben is left downtown and must find his way home with nothing but a few things that his producers left for him and six pounds of camera gear… Stay tuned.

    And trust me, I was a little bit stressed about the Diet Coke waste – think of all of the poor Diet Coke starved people on the York Campus.

  4. now that you’re ms. popular blogger, you dont return my emails. it’s over marshall.

  5. I still go back to the old Schulich Survivor routine. Some people need to be kicked off the island.

    On a more serious note, I think Schulich’s no ‘C’s policy is in sync of a greater, and far more dangerous North American (and possibly global) trend – not allowing natural selection to take its course. Today, we have labels on irons that say ‘Warning, do not iron clothes on body’, hot beverages that say ‘Warning. Hot’, and so on. This is just messing with the natural order of things. We can’t idiotproof the world and expect to have a successful species.

    Let some morons iron shirts while wearing them, let someone lose a finger by sticking it into a blender while it’s on. The more evolved survive, the weak members of the herd fall behind and are rendered obsolete – their genes are then forgotten and the species evolves.

    So should it be on earth and so should it be at Schulich. You want to move up in the rankings, reject the weaker candidates and kick out the freeloaders. Raise the bar.

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