Posted by: Steph | March 12, 2007

Good Luck All

I am so confused. I didn’t go to bed on Saturday night, I didn’t really have a Sunday, and its March break so my step-son is here. As far as I’m concerned, it should be Saturday. And frankly, it wasn’t a good weekend to lose an hour and I would like it back.

So can we have a vote? Instead on Monday at 11, who would prefer it to be Saturday at 12 right now??

Once that vote is cleared up – click here and go vote in the GBC elections. Apathy is for losers.

I’m glad that so many filled out the questionnaires because I definitely found out some things I didn’t know and got a deeper impression of the candidates. I recommend that everyone read them because they are pretty revealing. Some people stuck with safe answers, others took a few risks and really put themselves out there. Some of the answers really irritated me and others made me laugh out loud. And now its a harder decision to make. With this greater differentiation I can no longer justify making decisions based on who is the cutest in a suit.

… just a reminder – I am not letting through votes that are pure campaigning so please stop sending them.

And Roma – Hugh Laurie is not yours and although I generally share well – perhaps not in that context. He’s too old for you. You can have… Nick Lachey or something.

One more thing – had I known that traffic on this site was going to be this high I might have been a bit kinder to Sam, who is probably a really kind and passionate guy. I’m still trying to figure out the lines on a personal blog for public issues. And at the same time I do have a propensity towards being blunt and a little bit cutting – or gushing. Moderation is not my strong point. Its very weird.

I need some diet coke.



  1. You wound me. At least give me the James Bond chap. Or Stephen Fry. You know how crochety (and yet rugged) British men do it for me. Or, on the other extreme, give me the Harry Potter kid.

    *badplacebadplacebadplaceheaddesk* damnit.

  2. You can have James bond, and Harry Potter. When I read Stephen Fry my brain registered Steven Friedman and I was rather surprised. I thought a few girls had already claimed him in one of our “which professor would you…”

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