Posted by: Steph | March 12, 2007

601 stuff

Break from election coverage and back to my core issues – Schulich stuff we all can relate to.

I was kind of mortified to pass off our Phase 3 report to the advisors. To be fair – I have often gotten A- on work that I considered lame – but I just hope that they don’t read it too carefully. I’m fed up with it – it’s not like there is anything exciting at the tail end that will come from doing a fantastic job. I have five great friends and I think we have bonded enough. I think that “the problem” and “the other problem” have a secret master schedule determining who will be really insulting to the rest of the team when. Rachel brought up accountability in teamwork at school and here is an example: “The problem” sent in his part AFTER the final report was off to print. Now that’s bad enough, but the thing is – after he knew this AND he knew that he was the only one not up pretty much all night working on it, did he apologize to us? Did he volunteer to make up for it? Did he acknowledge his mistake? Or none of the above?

If you guessed none of the above you are correct. We could bring it up at the next meeting, but if we do I guarantee 100% he will turn around and blame someone else. It won’t change his behavior so there is no point. Kicking him out is too labour intensive, and taking down his grade in the evaluations? Sure – but so what, really? It’s not like he will fail because of the peer evaluations – no matter how honest we are. Which leaves us with no options. He will run off and repeat this behaviour again and again and again and again.

So what did I learn? Well – in first term I was too nervous to tell our 5150 team member that we were expecting him to contribute more – now I do handle problems as they arise, and I am a better manager because of this – but the lesson in this instance is that some people really have nothing to offer and I look forward to working in an environment that weeds these people out.

OK that was my rant. Now I will keep working on not actually feeling angry when team member disrespects the team.

More importantly… tomorrow is the Phase 3 presentation. What am I going to wear?



  1. Part of the “weeding out” that will occur will come from manager’s calling-out of such behavior.

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