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Shabab’s Answers

One more presidential candidate – Shabab:

The Questions of Truth

1. What is your original platform idea that you are the most proud of?
I am proud of looking at initiatives that strengthen our community in real and tangible ways. Not simply looking at network activities and pub nights, I am interested in enhancing our marketability as Schulich grads. We need to leverage the resources which are readily available to us. This means building external relationships with professional contacts, in various industries. Bringing alumni and part-time students into our activities, to not only learn from their experiences but enhance how we approach our given opportunities. Also, I want to look at measures to ensure that we maintain contact with our fellow classmates beyond our time here. I want to strengthen our ties and develop activities to enhance our learning. We need more in order to effectively compete in the marketplace. We need to leverage new and existing relationships with various industries. We need to strengthen our community. I realize that this may not be able to be achieved in one given year, but unless there is a long term goal, we will never be able to enhance our post MBA experience.

2. What is it about you that would suit the position that you are running for?
I am very committed and passionate about the areas that I get involved in at Schulich. I have always given 100% of my effort and time to all things to which I put myself. I am aware that we all have a vested interest in the impact that the GBC and other internal organizations play in our student community. I realize the seriousness that this role, as President, can play for our student body. I have a long term view of the GBC and its impact on the student community. I believe that we can begin to lay down the foundation for something great. Not just looking at initiatives for one term, but at helping future executives grow. This is in our best interests as what the future grads do, will impact the quality of our brand. Stronger in-roads need to be built with key industry personnel. We need to strengthen our internal community through tangible initiatives. I strongly believe I defer from my opponents in that I want to contribute to our professional growth. This is not to say that our social experiences are minimized; in fact I strongly believe in them as well. However, I think there is a large untapped opportunity to enhance our professional development. And that is what I want to embrace.

3. What makes you different from your opponent(s)?
I believe that I have a strong balance of the characteristics necessary to lead our council. My significant participation in social and professional events within Schulich has allowed me to build a strong network consisting of alumni, part-time, full-time, and faculty members. I have garnered the trust and respect of the individuals and groups that I believe can begin to make a difference in our experience here at Schulich. I will be persistent in ensuring to continue to build these relationships, and strengthen our connection with these groups, as their input and involvement is essential to our growth.

4. What would your 5150 team members say about you? Name one so that
we can check.

They would say that I am a strong and confident leader, who knows how to motivate and encourage team members to share ideas of value. I do not have to be the leader at all times, as I am comfortable listening to the perspective of my teammates. (James Fraresono)

5. Have you been active in GBC events? Please elaborate.
Yes I have been very active in a number of social and academic activities at Schulich, for example:
1. Olympia
2. Pub nights
3. Volunteered at CONNECT 2006
4. Volunteered for Blood Donor Schulich/Osgoode Competition
5. Academic Representative for my section
6. Selected, National Post Stock Competition member
7. Sole 1st year rep chosen for the Admissions Committee
8. Net Impact Treasurer
9. Open Arms Committee Member – I have an international buddy whom I have helped around Schulich
10. Provided Campus tours to prospective students
11. Selected, Career Development Centre Ambassador for Finance
12. Working with the Alumni organization in planning the upcoming Alumni Golf event.
13. Participated in 5 internal and 2 external team case competitions, recently my team and I represented Schulich in Colorado, placing 2nd internationally.

I am very committed to making a difference for my community and myself during my time here at Schulich. This means that I am very keen on having balanced exposure to social and academic events,

6. What are important qualities in a GBC candidate for your position?
I believe that there must be a balance between social and academic interests for this position. The President must be able to work well with their team as well as understand the interests of the student body that they represent. They must be committed to achieving excellence in all of their pursuits. After all, we are an experienced, intelligent, and professional group that have high demands for ourselves and for our school. I believe that there must be a vision beyond the current term that the President will serve. Other important qualities include:
· Approachable
· Reliable
· Willing to take ownership
· Willing to take the road less traveled
· Willing and able to have FUN!!

7. Do you have the guts to be a strong voice for the student body?
Give an example of past behavior that demonstrates courage.
Absolutely, recently as Academic rep for my section, I had to challenge a professor on accepting a large percentage of the classes assignments past a given time period. Initially the professor stated that he would not accept any further assignments, no questions asked. I requested a meeting with him to discuss this issue further. Upon first review, he was apprehensive to move forward. While there were other reps present who agreed with the professor, I represented the discontent of my class, and insisted that we come to a reasonable conclusion. After much discussion and debate, the professor agreed, and amended his policy to accommodate my class. (This can be fully verified if necessary)

8. What do you think of the quality of Schulich students?
I am impressed with the variety of strengths that the students bring to the community. There may be some with stronger skill sets than others in given areas. The better we are able to share our insights, and learn from each others experiences, the better will be our individual take away from our time here. I think that the student body has a lot to offer, if the appropriate channels are established for us to learn from one another.

9. What is the biggest problem at Schulich? Is it solvable by the GBC?
If so, how?

I think making students competitive in the market place against student from other schools is a big a challenge. Speaking to a number of industry recruiters, there seems to be a perception of a Schulich grad versus a non-Schulich grad. While this has been gradually improving, I think larger strides can be made to enhance the perspectives of some of these market participants. The GBC could partner with various industry groups to integrate them further in our student community. This may mean increasing the quality of our interaction with industry personnel for example, bringing in more industry personal to judge our case competitions. Also, it would be beneficial to increasing the number of chartable networking events we have with prominent industry participants. Also bringing in our part-time, alumni and other Schulich community members to closely interact and guide our full time students. We need to develop forums to make students more “market ready”, so that when they enter the workforce they are well positioned to compete and represent Schulich.

10. What is the funniest thing you have seen at Schulich so far?
I must say that the developments throughout this campaign week have been quite interesting. It’s amazing what elections bring out in people.

11. Give 3 adjectives to describe yourself.

Passionate, Dedicated, Humorous

12. What was/is your favourite class so far? How about your favorite teacher?
Marketing, Professor Giesler. I really enjoy his non-traditional style of teaching. Very interactive and encouraging of class discussion.

13. Coke or Pepsi?
Coke, non-diet

14. How much time have you budgeted to your GBC duties (per week)?
I do not believe that the role of President on the GBC can be limited to a set number of hours per week. There may be various time commitments, some may be scheduled events, or other sudden, urgent requests that need to be completed. That said I will commit the necessary time to get my required duties completed.

15. What else should we know about you?
While some may feel that my family is an area of concern, I would like it to be known that they have been a significant support system in allowing me to make the most of my MBA experience. After working for a number of years prior to returning to school, I promised myself that I would make the most of my time here as a full time student. That meant getting involved from day one in a number of different activities. Clearly this meant additional time away from home; however, my family has encouraged and supported me through every endeavor I have pursued. Coupled with my personal drive, I have been more actively involved in the Schulich community than many without other familial obligations. I do not believe that having a strong support system is a disadvantage in pursuing this significant responsibility. Like leaders of countries and large organizations, the support systems they have add value to their overall perspective and experience.

16. And finally, if you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

A peach…warm and fuzzy.



  1. Good Tangent!!..
    would like to get more insights on the challenges faced by the Schulich students. I got admit to the Fall’07. Hence obviously i am interested. Career opportunities for non-Canadians and stay are certainly some of my concern areas. Would be greatly appreciated, if you could give me the realities.

    My back ground:
    Indian, currently working in Japan. A total of 3 yrs work exp

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