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Mayukh’s answers

And another candidate providing you with a deeper look: Mayukh’s answers.

… I want to hear the bull story (see below)

The Questions of Truth:

1. What is your original platform idea that you are the most proud of?

As Academic VP, I propose that in addition to the regular duties of being a liaison between the student body and faculty/admin for academic related issues, I want to add the dimension of incorporating positive input and ideas from other Business Schools.

By way of networks I made through MBA Games, other events, and colleagues who pursue their academic studies in other leading Business programs, I want to foster a strong academic curriculum at Schulich by presenting some creative, interesting, innovative and peculiar practices to the students and faculty at Schulich.

Meetings with people from other schools will facilitate this and GBC council meetings and General GBC Meetings along with periodic student forums will allow ideas to be presented to the Schulich Students.

As usual, meeting with Ellen Auster, Ravi Joshi and other faculty members committed to the area of Teaching Excellence will allow the same ideas and concerns to be presented to the Schulich Faculty.

Example of an interesting fact: One student approached me to let me know that at Carnegie Mellon University, the Business School’s Academic structure only allows grades to range from B+ to A+. This may or may not have a positive impact for graduates of this MBA program. It is wise to keep ourselves informed of how we compete with other schools, not in terms of recruitment or diversity only, but also in terms of academic infrastructure.

2. What is it about you that would suit the position that you are running for?

As Academic Rep – Have participated in all meetings with faculty and have raised student concerns related to their courses and grades.


– Economics 5100 – Halfway through the semester, Prof. Supapol’s class was adversely affected when he had to leave abruptly, due to a family emergency. His absence caused the entire class to fall behind and put pressure on us having to learn the remaining material for the Final Exam. This was further compounded by the class having to adjust to the two new economics professors who were asked to fill the lectures. I brought this to the attention of the faculty, so that our class’s grades took into consideration our peculiar situation

– 5150 Class involved lots of concerns from the student body regarding the workload. As a result of all Academic Reps voicing these concerns, one of the changes that has taken place to the course is that there are no Mini-Papers required in this course currently.

As a Person – My dedication to the Schulich community was demonstrated through taking the secondary responsibility of being Athletic Rep for my section. In addition, I continue with my strong involvement in GBC through promoting, attending and participating in most of the planned events.

3. What makes you different from your opponent(s)?

Diversity – I speak 5 different languages (English, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu) and I’ve lived in 4 different countries (Kenya, Syria, India, and Canada). As a pleasant consequence of this, I’ve been able to develop a strong understanding of cultures and how to be flexible and adaptable to the truly “global” environment.

Leadership – I am able to set goals and a vision for a group/organization by effectively delegating tasks and constantly motivating my group members; and I earn the respect of my colleagues in the process.

Ambassadorship – MBA Games Team from Schulich, Schulich Info Session Speaker, Schulich Connect 2006 volunteer, Academic/Athletic Rep, Experience Schulich 2007 Volunteer

4. What would your 5150 team members say about you? Name one so that
we can check.

Creative, strong leader, helpful attitude: Na Young Choi, Allison Annan-Bujold

5. Have you been active in GBC events? Please elaborate.

Yes I have. I’ve been active in GBC Pub Nights, the Schulich Semi Formal, Raptors Game Ticket Sales, MBA Games Team, Deerhurst 2007, Halloween Party, Culture Crawl, Part time students’ dinner at Spacco

6. What are important qualities in a GBC candidate for your position?

-Strong and professional enough to address student concerns.
-Approachable and friendly
-Setting goals and executing them
-High visibility in Schulich
-Bold and Creative
-Good understanding of the academic environment at Schulich
-Able to work on a team, willingness to learn and listen to others (inside and outside the school) in order to innovate and implement creative solutions or continuously improve our academic system
-Good ambassador for Schulich

7. Do you have the guts to be a strong voice for the student body?
Give an example of past behaviour that demonstrates courage.

– Ad hoc presentation to my company VP and board of directors for a creative solution to a routine operational problem which had been causing problems for critical product launches.

– Econ 5100: As Academic Rep, I raised the concern that teaching aids such as solutions to textbook questions were not being posted in a timely manner (which was hampering students’ abilities to study and prepare for the final exam).

8. What do you think of the quality of Schulich students?

There is a huge mix between cultural backgrounds, work backgrounds, working status, academic backgrounds, and individual incentives and motivation to obtain an MBA.

This can lead to a great learning environment if channeled appropriately. The quality is relative and can only be assessed if compared/contrasted with other business schools. In my opinion, we have a good quality mix of students at Schulich. I have learned a lot and continue to do so.

9. What is the biggest problem at Schulich? Is it solvable by the GBC?
If so, how?

As with most organizations that are large, change is slow and usually essential in order to keep up with the dynamic trends. One of the biggest issues I see at Schulich is the difficulty in implementing change.

The GBC can seize the opportunity to be an agent of change with a strong voice and dedication from its members. The student voice should be heard, so a formal tracking process for concerns/complaints should be established from the FIRST to the LAST point of contact.

Recording the concern/complaint by a certain student(s) should instigate a process that leads to a solution/recommendation and implementation plan. The process will include all faculty/admin/organizational members involved in resolving the issues with formal signatures and tasks.

Naturally, a project lead would be helpful to track the tasks/duties and the GBC can be the effective leading team and may wish to appoint a certain member of the GBC to handle certain related tasks.

10. What is the funniest thing you have seen at Schulich so far?

I find it funny how we all carry the same generic Schulich Business Cards, and yet we all use this same card as a tool to try and differentiate ourselves when networking…the funniest part is when we all stand around company reps and harass them to accept our cards, even though we know they probably won’t take a second look at them anyways.

11. Give 3 adjectives to describe yourself.

– Dedicated: Why wait until tomorrow if you can do something today?!?
– Loyal: “Schulich’s What?? Dynamite!!”
– Genuine: What you see is what you get

12. What was/is your favourite class so far? How about your favorite teacher?

I have to say, without a doubt, I really enjoyed Mgmt 5250 with Prof. Tolias! Aside from the class being really interesting, Prof. Tolias is an outstanding professor with some great insights.

13. Coke or Pepsi?

Definitely Coke! I would have to thank years of Coke intake for some of my dental issues.

14. How much time have you budgeted to your GBC duties (per week)?

Based on the level of commitment and work I know this position requires, I’m going to guesstimate and say about 40 hours give or take. I think Mark has the right idea; this job imposes serious demands on the GBC members’ time and should really be treated like a full-time job….after all, we are representing the BEST business school in Canada!!! However, I should also add that a GBC that works together cohesively and collaboratively will also be that much more efficient and get a good job done even quicker!

15. What else should we know about you?

I am a serious, hardworking guy, but I also have a fun side. I like to joke around, have a good time, and I try to lead a reasonably enjoyable life. But I also take a lot of pride in things that are important to me and Schulich falls under that category. I think that if given the opportunity, I would be a great addition to the GBC Team!

I also tripped a bull…..but that’s a story for another time……

16. And finally, if you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

I would be a pomegranate…tough to open up but so worth the effort 😉


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