Posted by: Steph | March 11, 2007

Emily’s too

More to digest for everyone… The other VP candidate: Emily Burt

The Questions of Truth:

1. What is your original platform idea that you are the most proud of?

Bringing balance to our foundation courses: Our specializations and careers all rest on having a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of business and management. By focusing on where there is room for improvement in the core courses so that each of them meets our expectations, we will build a better foundation for students at Schulich and ultimately be better rounded managers. I question whether the core courses as a whole really add up to what they should. Some may require revamping or replacing altogether.

2. What is it about you that would suit the position that you are running for?

This position mainly revolves around academic issues and event planning. Both of which will require working closely with faculty/staff as well as students to meet with success. My previous experience in financial services as a Marketing Consultant required planning and executing large-scale conferences, seminars and other functions for both financial advisors and clients. Earlier in my career I worked in Compliance where I dealt with complaints and litigation. Problem resolution and managing ethical issues was not easy but allowed me to learn about myself and how to deal with others in difficult situations.

3. What makes you different from your opponent(s)?

– I started as a part-time student so I bring a different perspective to the table. I can relate to the difficulties part-timers face with work, life and school. I hope to make changes to next year’s events so that there is more flexibility for part-timers to be included, by having flexible start-times (such as busses departing for Olympia) and more downtown evening/weekend options for career and academic advising.

– I’m not afraid to let my values and beliefs be known and I urge others to do the same. These are the qualities that make us unique and allow us to build strength within us and within the organizations we are a part of.

– I’m a perpetual student. I’ve been in school one way or another, my whole life and probably always will be. I believe that self-improvement, self-motivation and personal challenge is what leads us to success.

4. What would your 5150 team members say about you? Name one so that we can check.

That I’m an idea person, take initiative, am very organized, deliver what & when I say I will, and work well as both a leader and a team member. – Alan Milosevic

5. Have you been active in GBC events? Please elaborate.

Yes indeed. I have organized as well as attended GBC events. As a Social Rep. at Nadal I organized events this fall that were very successful, such as the well attended night at Crystal Room. I was unable to take part in all the events I would have liked to in the fall when I was part-time. I continue to organize and attend Nadal events as well as the full GBC events now that I’m full-time.

6. What are important qualities in a GBC candidate for your position?

I am very organized. I am the kind of person that does 5 things at once, and works better overall with a full schedule. Up until I started my MBA I’ve always had two careers on the go at the same time, singing opera & classical music professionally while working in the financial services industry. It has taken good time management, drive and dedication to manage and be successful.

I am diplomatic and understanding. I relate well with people when difficult situations arise and work as an effective mediator to resolve problems.

I am a good speaker with either large audiences or just one on one. I’m approachable and professional in the way I meet and speak to others and comfortable in almost any surrounding.

7. Do you have the guts to be a strong voice for the student body?
Give an example of past behaviour that demonstrates courage.

Absolutely! I have not been afraid to state the fact that I believe our student council should represent the diversity of this school. I would be disappointed if the GBC executive team is without the perspective of international students, part-timers and women. I don’t think I would call myself a feminist, but I definitely believe that for a school aiming for a more equal representation of women, we need strong women in the Schulich community; faculty, staff, student body and the GBC.

8. What do you think of the quality of Schulich students?

As a whole, the quality of Schulich’s students impresses me. Individually, I think we all have our strengths and weaknesses, but in the end that’s why we’re here isn’t it? i.e. To learn from each other and to improve upon our own qualities? I think the only way to ensure the quality of students does not slip is to increase the number of applicants accepted only at the rate which excellent applications come in.

9. What is the biggest problem at Schulich? Is it solvable by the GBC? If so, how?

I think the biggest problem Schulich faces is competition. We need to be able to attract both the best teachers and the best students in order to succeed. The GBC definitely has a role in Schulich’s success because it is able to influence the decision makers at our school. Everything that makes up Schulich is connected and I believe that the GBC has the ability to strengthen these connections. The GBC has the power to bring about change on a community level and on an academic level by increasing and enhancing communication within the student body and between students and faculty/staff.

10. What is the funniest thing you have seen at Schulich so far?

Campaign week. Yeah… I’ll leave it at that!

11. Give 3 adjectives to describe yourself.

Honest – I’m not afraid to wear my heart on my sleeve. I believe that I am very sensitive to others and therefore gain and retain people’s trust.

Unafraid – I rise up to meet challenge in everything I do. When I see something as difficult to attain, it makes me want it even more, so that I can grow as a person and learn about myself while doing so. There is nothing that I won’t try because I think I can’t do it. If there is something I don’t already understand it makes me want to learn about it.

Passionate – I operate on strong values a focused vision, for myself, and for everything I am involved in. I have very high expectations for myself and those around me. I think that on a team this passion can be infectious, and motivate others the same way that it motivates me.

12. What was/is your favourite class so far? How about your favorite teacher?

MGMT 5150 and MKTG 5200 – both of these classes have fundamentally challenged the way we think and perceive the world around us. I value this above and beyond the material itself that we are learning and believe that this is what will make us better managers. My favourite teacher is Markus Giesler. His teaching style is unique and unconventional and even unsettling at times. He creates a classroom experience that revolves around critical thought. The atmosphere is vibrant, alive, and exciting.

13. Coke or Pepsi?

Sorry, I don’t drink pop. (I know I one of “those”)

14. How much time have you budgeted to your GBC duties (per week)?

I have budgeted 10-15 hours on average. During launch weeks, probably more like 10-15 hours a day though!

15. What else should we know about you?

First and foremost I see myself as an artist. I bring creativity to everything I do and that is probably how I bring the most value to a team. I am entrepreneurial and visionary. I take the lead in bringing about change and am not afraid to challenge what has been done before.

16. And finally, if you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

Dragon fruit: Totally unique both inside and out.


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